Interactive Online Debate
22 June 2021 @ 15h00-16h00 CET

Invested in Europe’s recovery

How can we ensure a safe and thriving investment climate for all investors?

Organised by The Brussels Times with the support of Recover Portugal

After EU nations finally managed to find common ground on a €750bn deal to finance the bloc’s recovery through commonly issued EU debt last year, broader questions have since emerged as to how the EU will effectively implement a fair, transparent and secure investment plan for recovery.

Of particular importance is the Commission’s readiness to enforce the rule-of-law conditionality mechanism, designed to ensure that EU funds are not misused by EU member states for means that may result in an abuse of the rule of law. The mechanism has been in force since the start of the year.

Because of the unprecedented size of the funding, the RRF will pose significant new challenges to the EU and Member States in terms of oversight and fraud prevention.

Ensuring a safe, transparent and fraudulent free investment environment will be essential to attract both domestic and foreign investors, retail and institutional investors alike, many of whom have suffered from misconduct throughout the various financial crises experienced over the past two decades.

This webinar will look at how the funds will be used, and also explore how we can ensure that they will be implemented in a transparent and fiduciary responsible way so that investor rights are fully protected at all times.

Tune in to our livestream on 22 June to be a part of this important debate, and hear from key experts and decision makers sharing their insights.

High-level panel

Annemie Turtelboom

ECA Member and former Minister of Migration, Home Affairs and Justice in Belgium

Nuno Melo

Member of the European Parliament

Andrea Bordoni

Deputy Head at OLAF, Unit C1, Anti-Corruption, Anti-Fraud Strategy and Analysis

Dr NoelleAnne O’Sullivan

Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Recover Portugal

Martin Bresson

Public Affairs Director, Invest Europe


Christine Mhundwa

Moderator and Anchor/Europe Correspondent for DW News


22 June 2021


15h00 – 16h00 CET (Brussels Time)

Watch the discussion live and get involved. No registration is required. Have your questions answered by the speakers, submit your ideas to decision-makers, and participate in polls and debates in real-time.

The livestream will be available on this page on the day of the event.